lördag 31 juli 2010

scrapping my vacation

before you start reading this post, i want to just share a few links to where i explain more about scrapbooking with photomosaics. here, here, here and alot here! really you should start with that last link!

i always seem to have so much scrapbook inspiration when i come home from trips! on my way home in the car (it was a 7 hour drive) i went through my camera and and made some sketches and notes about the layouts i wanted to do. this one i didn´t plan, it just happened! the title says: i like to surround myself with maniacs :) i wanted to keep it simple (no story needed) and the only thing i thought out was that my photo was going to be in the middle.

this vacation, we went back to where they make these dalahorses just like we did in 2007. i was blown away then, and very much so this time too. can you believe that each and every horse is hand painted! it gave me so much inspiration to wander those rooms again!
the colors of the layout is a bit of here the thicker letters that appear grey here are infact green and the journaling strips are pink in real life.

here are 2 examples of me wanting to get as many photos in as possible, but being to lazy to actually journal a thing :)

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  1. superläckra lo:s! Jag älskar titeln inspiration, så snyggt när du blandat färger och typsnitt!