tisdag 21 februari 2012

re-scrap 2012 | february

today i´ll post my re-scrapped pages of the month of february even though the month is not quite over yet. but if you are done, you are done, right :) you can read more about this project here

here is the older layout.

and this is the super duper simple re-scrap version. i wanted to uickly journal abit about my husband and where he is in life right now. 

older layout. 

and the re-scrapped version. as you might see i flipped the design and rather than have the journaling in the one larger piece i created a 4 photo mosaic and used that as the main piece. 

older layout.

this layout is almost a direct life from my older layout. i love how dramatic it looks :)

love & peace


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  1. Vännen vilka underbara dokument du gör, hoppas din dag blir fantastisk och stort grattis i förskott. Kram kram Charlotta