onsdag 29 februari 2012

29 things I want to remember about right now on this leap day

although i couldn´t make anything special to celebrate this extra day today (since i still have a fever), i decided to make a list and to give myself a pedi and fresh paint on my toes and added some glitter! a little celebration!

29 things i want to remember about right now

1. that spring is here (i think)
2. that the air was so warm today
3. that i would like to be fever free
4. that my daughter has fun on her skiing trip
5. the sun is warming
6. my birthdayflowers still makes me happy
7. i want to make new projects
8. i am looking forward to go camping again
9. that when i get better i need to wash my windows
10. that coffee is still best in the morning
11. there is alot on TV during the day
12. i am getting crazy over the kitchen mess everyday
13. i can´t wait until the weekend and our trip to gothenburg
14. i like digital options in scrapbooking
15. i want to eat pasta bolongese
16. i have to get together with my friend Emma soon
17. that i have read several really good books lately
18. i am working on a new list
19. i wish the greenhouse was in place
20. that we are planting seeds soon
21. i want to paint something
22. honesty is the best
23. i take things for granted
24. glitter can make you very happy
25. that i find new projects all the time
26. that this is like an extra day
27. that marta is doing so good even though she can´t go out
28. that is still like reality tv
29. that i have started listening to music more again

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