söndag 5 februari 2012

Project Life | week 5

welcome to week 5 of my project life album!

ok, first page. i journaled about my husbands work and how he had important meetings on monday. me and my daughter both wrote a few notes for him on the bathroom mirror where we usually leave eachother messages.
next photo is from when my daughter recieved a package full of make up = made her day!
the 4th photo actually has a story about how cold it has been this week (-21 the other night!). the story is underneath the photo as i used a flip pocket. 

a small insert this week. 

you can see the back of the insert here. just some instas.

the second page is simple this week. 

both the first and second slot is a flip pocket with journaling underneath the photo. the first one is about me working on some projects. and the second is about me feeling a bit blue this week.
the last pocket i used to list what wedid this weekend.

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  1. I really need to get started on mine! Love the new look on the blog!