fredag 3 februari 2012

From pin to reality

@Hanajo Van Straalen for your canvas!

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this image just jumped out on me about a week ago, and now i see it everywhere on pinterest. i had another errand to the city and i bought a small canvas and painted it black. i haven´t measured it, but i am pretty sure it is 15 x 15cm.

one evening infront of the TV i took a bunch of old magazines and began to cut out the letters to i love you about a million times ;)

then the next day i lined all the letters up and painted a strip on the canvas with glue and choose my letters row by row. when i was happy i added a coat of clear glue all over the canvas as a seal. 

i am all giddy with the result and plan on making a few variations of this! 

since last time i have started a new board at pinterest where i save all my from pin to reality projects. check it out

i am working on the last details of my blog hosting week at Write Click Scrapbook that start on monday. it will be all love themed! i hope to see you there! 

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  1. Oh, this is very cool! And it would make a great page background too!