söndag 19 februari 2012

Project Life | week 7

week 7 of this project and i am still going strong! what i have noticed though is that i feel like i am repeating myself when i also do regular scrapbook layouts about the same stories...i am not sure how i am feeling about that yet. do you have any input?

this week hasn´t got that many words really. 

for valentine´s day tina had a great free download of her currents lists. so i printed out three copies and placed them with a pen at each of our plates when we sat down for dinner. we all filled out the cards and they are just a perfect addition to this right now kinda  project that this is. 

i put in an extra page this week as i wanted to include my Take Twelve  photos for the month of february. 

i kept everything super simple this week for some reason. 
i had captured a photo of all our pets this week so i wanted to just slip those right in there. 

and i love technology. my daughter had spring break and spend the weekend at her grandmothers. she got a one piece (finally) and she just uploaded a photo to facebook from where i saved it and printed it out even before she came home. i added some journaling and Ali E brushes to the photo before i printed it out. 

the top right slot is where i placed the two quotes that inspired me this week. i find these all the time and if you have been seeing my spreads before i tend to include some good words every week. 
and the last slot is photos from our weekend walk. 

thats it for this week. i´ll see you back here tomorrow for magic monday! 

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2 kommentarer:

  1. your pages inspire me!
    I'm struggling on putting my 12 on 12 photos in my Project Life, and I love how you've incorporated it--thanks
    have a great week!

  2. it's looking SO awesome. :)