onsdag 29 februari 2012

Project life | how i do it

i know that i can´t possibly have a new week of project life to show you just yet, but i am already working on my week 9 spread. and while i was doing something in PSE that i do almost every week and i thought i´d show you something simple but that makes my project life-life much easier :)

ok, so basically for my project life i have page protectors with 4 pockets on each page making it a total of 8 each week. they are 6*4 pockets. so i try to make a canvas with both the journaling cards and photos together in PSE before i print them.
so i start out with a blank new canvas in the size i want (in this case 6*4"). 

in this case i had already added the lovely glittered heart before, and then i dragged the photo ontop of the blank canvas. re-sized it and moved it in place so that it takes up a little less than half of the canvas. 

i then dragged over the journaling card the same way.

because i had a little extra space next to the journaling card i added a bit of that lovely grey patterned paper there. dragged and re-sized.

added journaling. remember to use a smaller size when you type in PSE for print, it looks much better when you printed it!

and that is all. i just printed this out on a 6*4" card and voila, just slide it in the page protector pocket!

freebie glitter heart from design editor
journal card from the lilypad
digital patterned paper from cosmo cricket (it seems that where i bought it i can´t find it)
the font is traveling typewriter

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