lördag 11 februari 2012

I posted a click. post at WCS

 I know that I have hosted the blog the entire week, but I had to share a Click. post too! 
Today I have the coolest challenge for you all. While pinning away over at Pinterest I came over this pin. 


See how brilliant this is?! Your challenge is to follow your kid around (or any other person that you love!) and shoot photos of what they typically do on a normal day. Just add a short caption to the photos and you have recorded a day in the life just like that! Awesome! And you could easily use the photos to make a minialbum titled: A day in the life of...
I am so doing this myself! Yes, I am challenging you and me both to do this! We can do it! And don´t forget to share your photos with us

Peace & Love
Ps. This blog is another example of snapping everyday photos and adding short captions. 

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