torsdag 23 februari 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks 2012 | roundup post #2

it is time for another roundup post of the last themes that we have had to play with the last 4 weeks.

week 4: rest

just the word rest makes me feel good. as a person with returning depressions i crave a lot of restand sleep. the best kind is when i am able to take a nap with one (or both!) of our dogs during the day.

week 5: create

this is another favorite word :)
i am fortunate to have a whole room in our house just to be creative in! i always have a lot of projects going on, so it is really messy. when i go through pweriods of no creative mojo, i feel totally empty and weird. i crave creativity. 

week 6: soft

i could go with all sorts of things with this theme, but i decided with a photo that makes my heart soft.
soft, softness, the touch of softness is a unerversial like i think. i love the feel of a soft stone at the beach, our labs ears and a new fleece jacket. not to mention the softness of a baby´s skin!

week 7: good

the meaning good can be double for me, i always was the good girl in school not getting in to much trouble, never drank never smoked. but being a good girl takes up a lot of energy. especially attimesi did end up in trouble, because of of the feeling of failure and disappointment.
despite my own experiences, i do want my girl to be a good one! 
isn´t it funny how that works :)
and she is. such a good, kind, compassionate and sweet girl. 

note: i did a fun birthday post about my daughter last year.

and now, here are your photos from week 4-6, enjoy. i know i did!
visit the group pool for all credits! 

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  1. The photo with"Good" is absolutely incredible. Those beautiful eyes!