måndag 2 januari 2012

2012 projects

this is a project i have wanted to do for a long time. i sometime have troubles with design on my scrapbook pages. well, what troubles me is re-newing myself. i want to try new things, but i 
don´t want to make pages that are not me. and i have done pages i really love, so i thought i´d make it a priority to choose 3 old layouts every month of the year and use them as inspiration for new pages. i mean, i am not re-scrapping the event or page, i am using the entire page and/or some elements of it to use as inspiration. i will share which 3 old layouts i am working with sometime the first week of the month. maybe you could draw some inspiration from them too?!

yes, i totally stole the idea of magic monday from the ever so lovely and clever elise blaha! i have chosen magic as my word for the year and i am making an effort to actually live with my word this time. 
i hope to write a blog post about some magic i have experienced and post it on mondays. 

this is a project from the ladies at Ella Publishing. they have a photo challenge to take 12 photos on the 12th of each month and templates for layouts! i am excited! 

and lastly i am ofcourse doing the 52 photos project :)
if you would like to join in, just go ahead and join our flickr group

what are your projects for this year?

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