måndag 27 februari 2012

Project Life | week 8

here is my 8th week doing project life. it is becoming routine now :)

i have a n insert with a few birthday cards of mine. 

the weather last week was really springish and i took advantage of it :) i found snowdrops, sat outside and me and the girl took the horses for a long walk. my birthday was on the 22nd and on the morning of the 23rd our crownprincess delivered her first child, our new princess (that after her mother will one day be the queen of sweden). 

on the evening of my birthday, i skyped with my sisters family. it made me so happy! i am super there is a way to do a screen dump while skyping, but i had my camera with me at the table so i snapped one with that. journaled on the photo before printing it. 
i made a card with one happy thing that happened and one sad thing this week. 
the last slot i saved for some journaling by my daughter about her weekend with her father. 

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