måndag 13 februari 2012

Magic Monday

finally i have the time to sit down and do a magic monday post. 
i have been thinking about magic alot lately. trying to see magic when it happens just like that. here is some random thoughts:

- i shared a lot of love ideas during my blogging week at WCS last week, but my favorite post was fridays where i shared a few random acts of kindness ideas. i have done a few of those and it always feels abit like i have butterflies in my stomach when i do. and that time a few years ago, when my daughter and me found a message in a bottle at the beach was one of the times when i have been on the recieving end of something magical and random :)

 - i have a board at pinterest where i have pinned things that mean magic to me and it makes me so happy to just scroll through the images. 


- i really try to look at life like this...

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