tisdag 11 januari 2011

virtual coffee

if we were to meet for coffee today i would tell you about "virtual coffee". i know weird, right :)
i have been thinking about my virtual life lately and what a huge role it plays in my "real" life. i started really getting into the internet in 2003 when i found two peas in a bucket as i was starting to scrapbook. i signed up and started by reading and looking through their gallery every day. eventually i started sharing my work as well and just fell in love with the community and the love surrounding it.

the first layout i uploaded to 2peas :)

if we were to meet for coffee today i would not be able to fully tell how much the internet and the people i have met through it mean to me. even though i have actually met almost anyone in real life, i really think that i have real friends all over the world! and that is such a big gift!

the first photo i uploaded to 2peas :)

if we were to meet for coffee today i would tell you that i started this blog in 2005. i started because i wanted to have a place to share the things i liked, made and my thoughts. even thought i had no readers haha! that has changed dramatically! especially since i started sharing my work on my places, involving myself in online communities and groups. and especially after i became a team member at Write Click Scrapbook ofcourse! 

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would tell you that Suzanne Bailey made my entire year, that day when she emailed me and asked if i wanted to join her and the other ladies at Suziebeezieland :) at the time the blog was passwordprotected and we had such a rich community with awesome women that i have been friends with ever since! isn´t it amazing?! the internet has really made the world closer and easier to get connected even if there are thousands of miles between people.

the photo of mine that has gotten the most love at flickr and tumblr

if we were to have coffee today, i would tell you that i am so very happy and honored to be able to call you all my friends ♥


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6 kommentarer:

  1. Love this post. :)
    So happy to have met such amazing people like YOU on the internet!

  2. The blog world is full of women willing to be open, share, encourage and love. Glad to have found you today!

  3. oh, i love this and have been thinking the same thing lately! i actually feel like i have friends all over the world too and if i was planning a trip somewhere that one of my "virtual friends" lived i would totally be meeting up with them--without even feeling very weird about it! what a wonderful little world we have here. i am so glad YOU are a part of mine, truly!

  4. Hello
    I love what you say, and totally agree with it...
    Internet and all the fantastic blogs on it made me evolve : I now allow myself more time to do what i like, like scraping, sewing, knitting... without guilty conscience...
    It also allow me to discover a lot of talented and nice people all around the world... like you!

  5. because of a blog and a love of scrapbooking, we had the good luck of meeting and becoming friends, now that is something to be grateful for.

    lovely words today, Lisa!

  6. I love knowing that you're out there : )