torsdag 20 januari 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: roundup week 3 + new prompt

wow, when we found out that the prompt for week 2 would be evening i was so happy because the time in the evening is my favorite! we usually spend our nights pretty mellow and low with lounging on the couch with lots of lit candles since we have very dark nights here now. i had big plans on taking a few different photos, but i didn´t have the time :( sad. i did how ever capture this and i love how it turned out!

3:52 evening

i must say that there are some pretty awesome photos in the flickr group from this past week! you are all so inventive and productive! I love that you really put your heart into this project! thank you, all 97 of you ♥

the prompt for week 4 of our 52 week project is shadow.
I emailed Monika and said that i sure hope that we get some sunshine in the next couple of days :)

keep up the good work everyone!

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