lördag 15 januari 2011

Guestblogger: Monika Wright

well not technically guestblogger, but Monika sent me this email showing what she and her daughters did with my Valentine Words garland!  and i wanted to share that ofcourse! + how cool would it be to have guestbloggers ;)

"The be mine hangs in the "love nest" on a shelf that has photos of our kids and us. I recycled some book pages, trimmed them down and looped them over so that I could loop the twine through. 
I used my scallop punch and pink cardstock and then used my 1" circle punch to punch out the letters from your download. The heart in the middle is backed with another scallop punched piece so that it would be stationery on the twine and not move around.

The girls chose their own colors, own phrases and glued the letters onto the scalloped pieces. You can see that Victoria has a few that are off center, but she's proud she did it. Again, twine. This time in two colors. Victoria also chose the heart, x, heart, o pattern instead of the heart, x, o, heart pattern that Mommy suggested. At least she knows what she wants!

Isabella chose pink, of course, and the phrase u r loved. She got a kick out of the spelling! I took a close up of how I attached the scallop shapes to the twine would be a good thing to share.

Thanks for letting me play with your goodies!"

thank you, monika for these beautiful projects!

see, you can do amazing things with the Valentine words garland!  

2 kommentarer:

  1. this was so fun...we loved playing with your word art! and your Etsy shop is awesome, too.

  2. this garland is so cute. how fun to decorate the house for valentine's day with this!