torsdag 27 januari 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 4 roundup and new prompt

i was picking up the mail from the mailbox down our street that morning and i glanced over towards the house and saw this. i didn´t even have my "good" camera, i just ran into the house and picked up my daughters point and shoot to catch this.

this is the un-cropped version. i like this one too!

this is a star light at work and i was happy enough to have my camera when i saw it.

during this week i have been like a shadow seeking person! i haven´t found that many cool ones but i did have these in my photo archives.

lovely friends chat

and i am so happy that we had a few hours of sun this week too :)

we are up to 102 members in the flickr group which is just wow! and you went to great lengths to capture shadows this week! thank you so much for making this journey such a fun one!

and now on to week 5´s prompt which is: letter

isn´t that a fun prompt?! i am immediatly thinking of letters of the alphabet i tend to find everywhere :)

have fun!

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