söndag 2 januari 2011

Lisa Ottosson on etsy

yes, i have re-opened my etsy shop! my husband had a few peptalks with me and i jumped on it :) it is a leap of faith to open a place where you offer things you have made for sale. i have a butterfly or two in my tummy as i write this!

You can find a few items in the shop right now, and i will be adding more as time goes.
the shop has both prints that are mailed out and pdf downloads. for example:

i did one for my family a while ago and i love it so much where it hangs in our hallway. i thought, why don´t offer somejoy for someone else too!
this is an example of an item that will be sent to you by mail. After you buy it, you email me with your details; family name, est. year and the color scheme you would like.
i then print and craft your item as soon as possible!


i always look for good templates for making banners. i made one that you can print as is and embellish as you please or use as a template for your paper or fabric banner!
here is one i made using this item

i hope that you will find something that you like in the shop!

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  1. Hi Lisa
    Bravo for all your good ideas!
    I think I will try to "play" with you and Monika for the 52 next weeks ;)
    and... Happy new year for you and your family!