fredag 7 januari 2011

a minibook

i made a simple minibook using my favorite photos from 2010. i printed the photos 2 and 2 straight from Word. for the front page i used some of the pink minibanners from my shop. i curled a few of them just using a pen as my helper. added the cutie camera from kitchy digitals.

in the minibook i only added bits and pieces from my scrap basket. and also a flashcard from my Love flashcard download. sometimes i added a staple or something else small.

i also had some magazine clippings that i thought were perfect for this project!

i also had some words i had printed from my computer that i just cut and pasted where ever i thought suited. i am in love with that at the moment :) 

such and easy was to make a mini look cute!

2 kommentarer:

  1. those flash cards from your shop are so cute!

  2. så snyggt! du är så duktig på att skapa små böcker å sånt! jag önskar att jag hade haft tid å skapa lite.