tisdag 4 januari 2011

virtual coffee - first of 2011

welcome to the very first virtual coffee of the new year! how fun that you stopped by!
if we were to meet for some coffee today, we would eat some homemade candy that we still have left from christmas :) i hope that you don´t mind!

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would talk about my shop that i reopened yesterday. i would talk about how much i hesitated before even take the step to actually make any products to sell. there were so many thoughts going through my head when me and my husband had a talk about selling stuff i make. i lack self-confidence in the sense that i am not sure people will think that my products are something they would buy. and there are so many talented sellers on etsy already.

but then again, you all give me lovely comments on stuff i make, so why not try to sell a few items?!

so, if we were to meet for coffee today, i would tell you that i took a chance and created some products and added a few items to the shop. i mean really, what is the worst that would happen? i know i will be happy that i took the plundge!

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would happily tell you that i made my fist sell today :) it was a 2 dollar product, so i didnt make a ton of money :) but really, it made me so happy that someone thought that my stuff was something they liked and wanted to use.
i would also samelessly show you what i sold :)

it is my Love flashcards. actually i made a custom order, but the words were somewhat the same as these:


and i would show you how i used them myself in paper projects:

here in a minibook.

and this flashcard is from the Everyday flashcards .

if we were to meet for coffee today... i would talk alot about my shop :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. good for you and your little shop! i think it is awesome and you're right..what's the worst that can come of it? although with a sale already i think you are headed in the right direction. : ) i love your little mini books and scrap books, what treasures they are. happy new year to you!

  2. I enjoyed having a coffee with you this morning and hearing all about your shop.
    Good luck with it, I am sure you will have many more sales :)

  3. WHat a great idea to sell your little paper banners- I was just looking at some the other day for my bathroom. Perhaps I"ll wander on over :) Happy 2011, Lisa!