torsdag 27 januari 2011

valentine project + giveaway winner!

i love garlands and banners. they are such an easy way to create a festive feeling to the everyday. this is a heart garland that i made during a ferry ride a few weeks ago. i simply folded the colored papers and drew half a heart and cut it out to be a whole heart. i added string to each heart with just 2 stitches each. i might have gotten alittle carried away because the whole garland is over 2 meters long :)

i did the green version last year and loved it so much! it´s an easy mini wreath i made using cardboard (you can use an old ceral box or whatever) for the base. i also used the Heart confetti from my shop and layered the hearts ontop of eachother filling the cardboard base. this year i stamped the word "hug" (kram in swedish) and last year i used a pre made bingo card, i like them both. i´ll put them on our montly shelf, but how cool would it be to send these as Valentines?!!

i did a yearn wreath for christmas 2 years ago and really it is such an easy way to spice up a styrofoam form. this one is shaped as a heart and then after adding the white yarn, i made some flowers from an old t-shirt :) they are so easy to make that i can´t even tell you, but there are a bunch of tutorials out there so just do a google search.

ok, so there you have a few newer Valentine projects in opposite from the older ones from this post.

now on to...

the giveaway winner is:
Kirsten sa...

I love the smells of my everyday life - my boys when they first get up, that first cup of coffee, dinner cooking in the evening and the candle that I light each night. These daily smells bring comfort to my every day.

email me your adress, kirsten!


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  1. love the heart wreaths...perfect for cards!

  2. Really love your colored heart banner... you're right : it creates a love and joy feeling!