tisdag 18 januari 2011

virtual coffee - i love my job edition!

hi there and welcome to this weeks virual coffee! i am happy that you stopped by! today i would be gifting you with some sandwiches with your coffee, if we were to meet for real.

this is where i spend my work days

ok, so if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that i love my job. i. love. my. job.
i am a kindergarden teacher and i work with kids between the ages 1-3. i know many of you refere to daycare when you here that. but here in Sweden the really young kids also has a plan and we have lots of goals (by law) to work towards when it comes to making a good learning enviroment and so on.

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you a few things about my job that i love.
when i come to work i get at least 2 hugs and lots of waving and Hi!´s. and people, i know everyone does not get that when they walk into their offices in the morning! i love the kids and i love to see how much they love eachother. right now we have such a great little group of kids that work so well together. and i was just sitting today watching them and thinking about how much energy i get when i see how fun they have together!

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that another thing i love about my job is the expression kids make when they are amazed by something, may it be a new toy, something in nature or eachanother.

if we were to meet for real today, i would also tell you that i love the fact that i get ovations when i sing :) i mean who can say that after a day at work; today i got clapping ovations and a few bravos when i sung!


thank you for coming over for coffee today!

ps. you can see more photos from work here!

9 kommentarer:

  1. I really enjoyed coffee with you today, it made me smile to hear you describe your job.
    Only wonderful people can work in a kindergarten and truely love it like you do :)

  2. Vad glad man blir av att titta in här! Härliga bilder och härlig text!

  3. JAg som inte dricker kaffe njöt av mitt glas vatten istället :) Jag är en vattendrickare av stora mått nu för tiden. En craving? A jag vet inte. Men jag måste ha vatten heeela tiden! :)
    Kram till dig :)

  4. Oh! I love this post! I can feel your joy all the way over here. Your kiddos are lucky to have a teacher who loves her job so much!

  5. That classroom looks amazing!!! My kids would love learning there :)

  6. i am so thankful for teachers like you. so thankful. you are the type of teacher that i want our children to have -- one that loves teaching, love children, loves the glow in their eyes and can experience things from their perspective and provide them with healthy learning experiences. I really enjoyed seeing your classroom and the sandwiches were delicious!

  7. It looks like a great place! Can I come visit?? ;) I'm sure Mirielle would love it!

  8. I can see why you love your job just looking at these photos. I want to work there, too! It looks like a wonderful place for children and as a parent it would be a great feeling to have someone like you, who truly LOVES their job, teaching my kids. What a great way to get to spend your days. Thanks for coffee Lisa!

  9. HI! I'm your newest follower!
    Your ABOUT ME.....sounds exactly like its describing me!
    Beautiful Blog and Great photo's!!!

    Amy's Life @