måndag 17 januari 2011

happy scraps

i thought i´d share a few new layouts with you today. the photos are all from our weekend getaway 2 weekends ago. this forst one is about how my daughter is really making an effort to learn new angles and DOF when it comes to photography. when i went around the castle for a photowalk, she was right there with her point and shoot and i snapped a few of her! i love this ♥
and i totally love that i used the color of her fleece for the page embellishments :)

yes, we LOVE hotel breakfasts :) it´s like the best thing with staying at hotels in our book!
i didn´t realize that we seated ourselves almost exactly alike on both photos even though they are taking 2 different mornings :)

these are a few of the photos i took at the castle we first stayed at. i made a photo mosaic out of them and left a square blank on purpose so i could write the name of the castle in it. the together flashcards is from my Everyday Flashcard download in my etsy shop!

and now as my facebook status says:

Lisa Ottosson has a real itch to get some scrapbooking done!

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