torsdag 20 januari 2011

alot to share!

yes, i have a lot of new scrapbooking layouts to share with you today, so why don´t we get started!

i wanted to use a photo from my tumblr as inspiration for a layout. and i found one, but i am way to lazy to actually find it again :( sorry. but you can see it here above. don´t you just live the colors?!

this is the result. i lnow not much journaling, but i am still thinking about wether i want some or not. i love the color pops though!

you know that feeling when you don´t have the words for something, but a song pops into your mind? well, shania twain´s song "still the one" popped into my mind when i saw how cute these photos turned out. i just copied the lyrics into a WORD document and played abit so that the text became more of a patterned paper background and printed. i circled some of the words and used a paper doily that i had saved from another project as an accent.

i love these photos that we took with the timer on the camera a few weekends ago. they represent us well :)

this is my whole world right there among some October afternoon and My minds eye :)

see, a page using pink that is about a guy! how cool am i?! :)
i used up the very last scraps of my favorite KI memories paper...sad.
those grey squares is actually some washi tape that i scored in Stockholm. it is yum!

ok, that is it. good amount of pages done in one night, right :)


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