onsdag 5 januari 2011

scrapbooking shares!

 these are a few of the layouts i bashed out during new years eve actually! i scrapped infront of the tv :)

a few favorites from 2010, like resturant moment, start, social media etc. it doesn´t show here, but the sky in the photo matches the october afternoon patterned paper ;)

i took the layouts from my favorite post and made them into a mosaic and just printed that right out. i love seeing them all in one glance!

and my favorite moment at christmas ♥
i used one of the flashcards from my Everyday flashcards from the shop!
i have a few more to share, but i´ll wait a bit with that!

also, remember that tomorrow (thursday) we announce a new prompt for the 52 photos in 52 weeks project! be sure to swing by then!
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