torsdag 30 januari 2014

WCS | Sketch week (sketch #3)

Oh, Monika has a great blogging week with one new layout sketch for every day and had us team members make pages too! It is so much fun to see what we all can create out of the same sketch! I made a page using the third day sketch below.

Monika_sketch 3

(I see that the page comes up as a bit dark here, no idea why because on my screen in my files it´s good!)

Anyway, When I first saw this sketch I knew I wanted to make rows of hearts using my watercolors. And so I based my colors from those. I really love using my watercolors these days! 

Be sure to check out this entire week of posts at WCS, there are some awesome layouts there! And i have 2 more layouts to share later this week! 

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