torsdag 2 januari 2014

2013 projects review

Every year at this time, I go into review mode. I look back at the year and reflect on what I want to go forward with in the new year.

For this year I really only had 3 year-long projects that I have blogged about; Project Life, Re-Scrap and From Pin to Reality. I have been thinking a lot about how I want to go forward with projects in the new year. I really want to continue doing things that makes me happy and that feel worthwhile. I know I want and need to craft and memory keep and ofourse I will do lots of that, but sometimes I get in a rut and need something that pushes me and inspires me to keep going. Projects seem to do the trick. So, here is what I got from this past years projects;

Project Life: I love doing this! It has become a weekly session on the weekends and I love that. I also love that we have another years worth of memories in our two PL albums. I do however need some kind of change after 2 years of doing the project the same way. I just don´t know what yet.

Re-Scrap: This is my second year doing this. I have loved it and it has really made me make atleast 3 new pages each month! I love taking inspiration from designs I have liked and used before. But I think I need a break and will perhaps take it up again in a year or two.

From Pin to Reality: I love Pinterest and the ideas I always find there. And this project have been fun as I could share with you too. I will certainly continue with this in the new year. New things I want to do is to improve my photos in the tutorials. It is always hard to take indoor photos during the dark winter months, but I look forward to playing and setting aside time for taking better photos.

So, this is my review of my projects this year. I will be back with a post with one or two new projects for the new year!

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