fredag 3 januari 2014

WCS | January gallery


This year we are starting off by taking a moment to document our current lives. Not just our daily lives, though, but our lives as they are affected by the times in which we are living. Pages that represent life as it is in this time of 2013/2014. You can see the whole January gallery here!

Current Slang | Lisa Ottosson

We use a lot of slang in our house! The expressions often come from TV shows or inside jokes. It was fun to collect these, but rather hard to think of them when I had to! Excuse the three initial expression!

Currently | Lisa Ottosson

I love having these kinds of pages in my albums. I make a “currently” page about my daughter a few times a year and I think these will be very informative later in her life. The short lists or texts where I talk about what she likes to do or eat, what music she listens to, her favorite app etc also tells a story about the times we live in.

I loved this theme! 

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