tisdag 28 januari 2014

Valentine`s Day prep | Geometric heart banner

I love Valentine´s Day! I love it so much. As previous years, I have prepared a few things already so I could share them with you! First I made these heart banners. I love that they are a bit modern with the geometric cut outs.

This is the how-to!

First I sketched a heart on cardstock and just made it a bit less rounded so that it would have straight edges. I used that as my template to cut out the ones in patterned paper.
I have a ruler with like 10 different geometric shapes, so I simply layed the ruler over each heart and traced them on there. Then I used my craft knife to cut them all out. I am sure a few of you have digital cutting machines that can do this so much easier, but I don´t :) So I go about it in the good old way!

At first I thought that I would like it like that, but then I decided it needed some backing. So I just adhered the heart to some black cardstock and made sure I cut the edges so that a bit of the black paper shows. Now, this ofcourse meant I needed to cut the shapes once again. No problmen! I did all this infront of the TV one night!

I had so much fun, so I went ahead and made a few more, but in red and pinks. I backed those with white cardstock, because I thought it looked best.

So there you have it, the first of my Valentine´s Day decorations for this year!

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