onsdag 1 september 2010

let the month begin!

ok, so here is my first post in september and if you read my "plan for september" post you´d know that i am due to post my first "where i have been today" photo. and as the good girl i am, here it is:


yup, i did jump ontop of my craft table today :)

and while i was safely sitting infront of it i did these:

i snap a photo of the morning of her birthday every year and i can´t believe that this is the eleventh year i am there in her bedroom early in the morning singing happy birthday, while she pretends to be newly awake :)
i also used the 2peas weekly challenge sketch as inspiration.

i took the photo at an outdoor concert we went to this summer. it was a magical night!
this didn´t turn out at all how i had envisioned it ;)

and here is my "album" for the learn somthing new everyday class :)


where have your feet been today?

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