tisdag 21 september 2010

virtual coffee

if we were to meet today for a cup of coffee, i would tell you that i went for a walk in the pouring rain yesterday and laid down in the forest to take some photos :)

but first i would hug you, because i am a hug person.

i would most likely tell you a story or two about work. about how crazy it all is now with 13 small kids that are challenging but oh so huggable! that i still love my job so much.

i would also listen to you. because i think i am a good listener. i would quite possibly give you some advise but mostly just listen and add an "i know" or "i can´t imagien" now and then.

then i would tell you that i am so very nervous about my big trip coming up in october. that i get nervous being out in the world by myself. scared even, but that i am sometimes jumping up and down with joy over the opportunity to make the trip at all.

if we were to meet for real today, you would see that i take way to much sugar in my coffee and lots of milk too :)
i would tell you that i love this cooler weather and even the rain. i love to sit in my livingroom at night with only candles lit.

so, how about it?

9 kommentarer:

  1. Yes please :)
    Lots of sugar and milk in mine too!
    (I think we should really try to do this for real one of these years...)

  2. Oh my those pictures are lovely!

  3. love those pictures, girl. they are great. how wet were you when you finished?!

  4. Your wet fauna is breath taking.

    If we were having coffee I would sit out in the rain with you, but I'd probably take my point and shoot since my nikon d3000 is my baby and I would worry about it too much.

    We would discuss your trip and I would be happy to have met you.

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful...
    I'd hug you back :)

  6. Love your photos! How fun! I love the rain too. I enjoyed having coffee with you, and it was great meeting you.

  7. i like people who hug before a coffee...
    love your pickies....


  8. I love those forst two pictures, just gorgeous.
    I will take my coffee with a little (too much) sugar and milk as well. : )
    I'm curious about your trip next month...where are you going? Going alone? Family trip? Oh, a trip sounds so much fun. Actually a girl'sonly trip sounds like a greta idea right about now. Thanks for joining in for coffee this week!