fredag 17 september 2010

today: 9/9 2010

outside the window: the wind is blowing and fall is her with glorious sunshine.

i am thinking: about crafts, my health, my trip.

i am thankful for: understanding co-workers and my very loving family.

from the kitchen: only yoghurt and left overs were served.

i am hearing: the sounds of television.

i am creating: a refashion sweatshirt that had stains, a travel scrapbook and a papier mache pumpkin.

i am going: nowhere, just resting.

i am reading: blogs and "blood on the tongue" by stephen booth

i am hoping: my husband stays healthy, my daughter has fun at camp and that i feel much better soon.

favorite from today: the rest and tv all to myself, getting through my tumblr updates and finishing a christening gift!

wanna see my other "today series"? i have them in one of my flickr sets.

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