tisdag 28 september 2010

virtual coffee # 2

if we would meet in real life today for a cup of coffee, i would:

after the mandatory hug ofcourse tell you about how much i got done on my breastcancer awareness blog project this weekend. i would get tears in my eyes when i tell you about the cool response i have gotten about this project!

i would tell you about how cold the weather has become in just the last week. we have had tempetures below 10 celcius the whole weekend! it takes a while to get use to that again :)
if we would meet for coffee today i would, during me sipping my sweet coffee, tell you that i bought a new bag for my big US trip coming up in october and that i have been searching for cool stuff to see in portland oregon. i would tell you that i will most probably spend some time in Chinatown!

i would also tell you that i got the most amazing super family in the world. yes, i know that i am biased, but aren´t we all?! yesterday i was totally beat, i am sure it is still my borrelia that acts up, and then my husband fixed EVERYTHING so i could just rest ♥ he does this often ofcourse, but yesterday i was so grateful for this. he went to the parent/teacher meeting, made dinner, fixed the washing machine and went on the evening dog walk.

if we would meet for coffee today, i would share what i will bake for work on friday. a sneak peek before i share it on my blog :) the baking includes the color pink ofcourse :)

during my rant, i would ofcourse ask you how you are. how is your life? what have you done? what makes you happy? maybe we could do a happylist together?!

and i would bring my camera, so we can take silly photos because i love that!

thanks for having virtual coffee with me today ♥

5 kommentarer:

  1. Your photos are always spectacular, and so happy for your work on your breast cancer awareness blog! See you next week for coffee.

  2. Coffee was spectacular, thanks! And your efforts for breast cancer awareness are worth it. Thank you for that as well.

  3. I love silly pictures too :)

  4. that pink flower is beyond gorgeous! love love love it! and the silly photos? oh-so-fun! i need to figure out how to do that photo booth thing :)

  5. i love that pink flower and those sweet photobooth pictures! you have some gorgeous photos here and i love your header. have a great weekend and thanks for joining on for coffee this week...sorry i am so late! :)