söndag 5 september 2010

random update

ok, here we go!

last week i went to the doctors again, since i had developed a fever and the redness on my breast had spread rapidly over the weekend. and i loved that the doctor said when i took my top of: ok, you can put your clothes back on because i see instantly what you have! it turns out that i have borelia. i am not sure if that is the proper english name for it, but i probably had a tick sometime this summer and that is why i got sick. now i am taking a huge amount of antibiotics and will be feeling much better very soon. the redness has almost gone away entirely. i am forever grateful for good doctors!

(day 2)

i am also happy to report that i have been taking my daily photos!
i have enjoyed it so far.

(day 3)

(day 4)

although i am struggling abit with the lessons learned that i am working on with the class  "learn something new everyday"

i totally bought this shoes for the rehersal dinner dress for the wedding i am going to this october :) they make me happy! first i was looking for black shoes, but as my dress is dark grey with white and pink details i wanted to match the shoes to the hot pink! i also crocheted a clutch bag for that outfit.

my cat also match my outfit! haha! he insisted to be in the picture that i wanted to take of the dress and bag.

here is a better view of the dress details. i am hoping that the shoes have the right color, since i bought them online *cringe*!

the clutch bag is totally simple and i added a grey vintage button from my stash. i think it´s a fun touch!

i made a simple sleeping mask for my long flight too! my husband said that they will probably hand them out on the plane, but that mine will be the cutest :)
i made the stretchband part wider so that i can lock out some noise also :)

and since i know i will die over not having my family with me while in portland, i wanted to have a few photos with me. i just printed them at 10 cm wide and laminated them (for tear protection!) and attached a book ring to hold them together.

in a few weekends we are going to a christening and i thought i might do a print for the babys room alittle like these:

i am still working on it and haven´t got all the details of weight and such. i am using a great digital kit from 2 peas:

i promise to show you the final result :)

ok, that is it! if you made it all the way down here hugs to you :)
oh, what the heck i love hugging so i´ll give you all one :)

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  1. Love the shoe photos!! Glad they've got you all figured out and things are looking up!

  2. underbara skor! vart har du hittat dom?
    jag gillar dina fotbilder :)