söndag 12 september 2010

yesterday, today, tomorrow (written on saturday)


* i worked a halfday since i was beat from my borrelia.
* me and my daughter had a date in the city.
* watched toy story 3 in 3D at the movies.
* aet yummy popcorn.
* it was still 13 degrees celcius at 9 pm.


* the "men" are working up a storm preparing the wood for winter.
* i made lunch for 8 people.
* we had a total of 4 dogs in this house + 2 cats.
* i took it extremly easy.
* did a lot of crafting.
* my daughter played with a friend and who ended up staying the night.
* i saw a few episodes of "build a new life in the country" and wished that we had the motivation to get our house completely finished.
* i cried at the end of the day.
* i got out some of our fall decor, i can´t help myself :)
* we had yummy pasta for dinner.
* i went to bed early, but ended up crocheting in bed for 2 hours!


* we are having a big breakfast.
* i hope that i have more energy.
* i am sharing a few things on the blog in the afternoon.
* "the men" requested a yummy dessert, so i guess chocolate cake it is!
* i am finishing up some crafts.
* my daughter is still in dog heaven.
* we are preparing for a busy week ahead.

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