lördag 25 september 2010

autumn and real life rocks!

i have 2 layouts to share today. the first one is about my hopes for a beautiful autumn ♥
i love using the teeny type alpha digital kit by zoe pearn! sometimes i resize the letters before i print them, but this time it was ok with the way the letters loaded from the kit.

the second one is the real life rocks layout! since my daughter is in grade 5 now we thought it was time for her to learn to cook a bit. so we chose 3 courses that she would make throughout the school year. awesome!she is already making dinner once a week!
the journalingcard is one from cathy zielskes digital kit that she mentioned one her blog this week. they are so good! i chose to print this one out and handwrite the journaling, but i am planning to make the journaling on the computer next time!

(the colors are a bit wonky here!)

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