lördag 4 september 2010


i know i have told the story about the horses from our vacation this summer. but although this was one of my most vivid memories from that vacation, i had yet to saved them on paper. i wanted the story and the (very bad, but only) photo, that´s it. because here is no patterned paper or embellishment that would justify the magic of that memory.

i took these (and many more) photos during our marshmellow celebration on august 31st down by the beach. they capture her so well the way she is right now. always making faces and being a clown :)
first i wanted to use the color version of the photos, but in those her face had this strange color of nausea, so i went with black and white instead, because although i wouldn´t be suprised if she did feel nausea after that many marshmellowes, she felt just fine during the picture taking :)

when i was making these layouts my daughter came into the room and also wanted to play. and it was so much fun creating together. we had such a good time chatting about the photos and different ways she could design her pages. she said: mom, i am going to be like you when i grow up; scrap crazy!
i hope that we can do it again very soon.

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