måndag 27 september 2010

my weekend

this weekend i:

* deep cleaned our car together with my husband
* did lots and lots of post planning for my october blog project
* there are goodies in for you blog readers :)
* cleaned out the summer clothes and pulled out the winter gear
* bought a new suitcase for my US trip (!)
* went on a long stormy beach walk

* it is always a great way to blow out your brain and get new ideas
* picked plums at a friends house
* made plum jam

* chose not to watch tv
* altered an old binder to my new hold ot all notebok (photos soon)
* started on a new scrapbook project
* found out some baby news from a friend
* made a packing list for said US trip
* ordered new contacts
* ordered a fun t-shirt that i will wear in october during mentioned blog project
* not everyday mind you!
* smiled when i found this photo on my computer:

* my girl loves to mess around in picnik :)

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