måndag 31 december 2007

2007 recap

This is my year recap in layouts! These are my favorite layouts from this year.


I choose this one because of the photos mainly and the overall memory.


Maybe not the best layout I have made, but I loved that my 2 favorite people in the whole world gave me such a nice birthday kiss :)


I remember that I snapped this photo of these 2 best buds when the light through the window was just divine...


I love love love this photo of our Chanty boy may he rest in peace...


My daughter got into a nasty bike accident which resulted in stitches and a lot of tears. I snapped these photos a few days after and I love her goofy little self :)


I made this simple minibook of my favorite photos of the year with my daughter and me.


Again used one of those loved photos. This is one of the layouts that I have lifted for other layouts this year.


Ah, the crazy few days that we had 3 dogs!!! Unfortunatly we had to return Rocky, but he was such a nice dog.


Here I used a little Love, Elsie together with my favorite photo of me and my husband from the year 2007.


My life categories. I acctually took this layout with me to my therapist and she read all sorts of things into what I had listed :) But I love that my life is full.


A fun layout with a fun photo of me and my crazy daughter. We laid the camera on the ground and set the timer :)


This layout made the catwalk last week over at SIS and that made me smile ´cause this was the first thing I scrapped in a month!

My friends, I wish you all so much love & happiness for the New Year!!! love you!

Ps. I cheated and started the 365 photos in 2008 today :) Check my flickr gallery!

7 kommentarer:

  1. oh I absolutely love your lo's! they are all so... perfect! Simple and fun but so set to the goal! As are the pics!
    Again an example that scrapping is therapeutic! Keep on going in the right direction! (I know)
    a happy, healthy and inspirational 2008!

  2. Great choices for your top 10. I love them all and I love your style.

  3. Lisa they are all great,your Los are always stunning!

  4. Hi Sweetie,

    A message from Holland...
    Yes!! Still alive, but not blogging and scrapping :(
    I love that you've stayed on scrapping and that you've been able to make this capture of 2007.

    I love your work and hope to see more in the next year.

    I wish you a fireworking new year; with a lot of sparkling moments.

    XOXO Inge

  5. Wonderful layouts and I especially like the minibook.

  6. You picked some great ones!! Have a Happy New Year!!

  7. Underbara LO:s!
    Minialbumet är sååå sött...
    Är så glad att jag hittat din blogg, blir glad av det du skapar.
    Tack för inspirationen, hoppas att ni får ett skönt 2008!