lördag 8 december 2007

i love lists...

...have you all noticed :) Here I am not posting for almost a week and feeling bad about that...but I don´t belive in rambling kind of posts so then there is none at all for a while! Here is a list though:

♥ Go here for awesome kinds of stationary and cards.I think some of these products can be great Christmas gifts. And you still have time!

♥ Check out these gingerbread houses! Cool eh!

♥ And you are not like me (who loves Christmas parties! see photo!) you can use this party excuse generator!

♥ And if you have some foam laying around you can always use them to make some of these!

I still love all these cuffs!

Kidley had some great tips on what to give kids if you have many in your family.

♥ And if you are all in the Christmas stress you might want to do a "Not-to-do-list" like this.

♥ And if you are like me that loves my Moleskine you can enter their contest everyday until Christmas to win some goodies!

♥ And how have I not seen this?!!

♥ I am just saying: how cool is this!

♥ I lost myself here for an hour and a half this afternoon.

And I leave you with a photo of my favorite Christmas flowers!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vad många bra länkar! :-)
    Hoppas att ni har en bra helg!
    Jag ska äntligen sätta mig ner och scrappa lite, evigheter sedan sist... Så det är bäst jag gör det med en gång, sätter man sig vid datorn blir man ju lätt sittande där...:-)

  2. Nicole Russell Willis11 december 2007 00:00

    thanks for the awesome links!!that Erin Condren website is WAY COOL!! :)