torsdag 13 december 2007

happy lucia day

Today we are celebrating Lucia in Sweden. That means seeing ladies in white with candles all day long :) My daughter has a Christmas play going on tonight so offcourse we are seeing some of that too :)

Yesterday we put up our tree. I love it every year and it was great this one too. We took a bunch of photos infront of the tree. But it took like 10 tries to get to this one :)

Among others....this one...


I have also sent of all my holiday cards AND 3 suprise Christmas packages! Yay! i love suprises! I hope everyone like what they are getting.

This weekend I am making Christmas candy. And I am really looking forward to that. Just a whole day in the kitchen getting all floury and I just have to test the candy too :)
I think I will be making some of these crafts too.

shopping bags
bath mits
marble magnets

And I just found a really crafty blog this morning where I have found a lot of cute cool things to make. Check it out!

Karoline: I have a system to my albums! You can read more about that here. I just recently got an album set up just for me too! And thank you very much for that link to Scrapperiet!

I was the favorite of the day here! Which makes me happy!

I am babysitting these 2 this afternoon and that makes me happy too!

Have a happy day! ♥

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh!!!! Those babies are so adorable. have fun with them.

    Love the x-mas tree pics. You are too funny!!

  2. omg those babies are precious! and great christmas photos, you guys look great!

  3. Love your tree! So pretty! And those babies are just precious...hard for me to believe I'll have two like that in a few months!

  4. Nicole Russell Willis16 december 2007 00:39

    your posts are always SO full of goodness!! I adore the picture of you guys by the tree!! Your daughter's hair looks so cute and oh those babies!!! :)