tisdag 1 januari 2008

Happy new beginning!

I loved Ali´s idea of cleaning of her bulletin boards fresh for the New Year. It feels so fresh and like I want to pull up my sleeves and start a big new project! And in a way I am really. With all these really cool inspiration blogs popping up for 2008 there are a lot of new projects to jump in on. Gigi Kennedy had a great little list of cool things you can join. They all sound very yummy, but I feel like I have to limit myself or otherwise I won´t pull through one of them. So, I am joining:

Courtney DeLauras project-five-two.

Emily Falconbridge`s 2007 card prompts are in a folder on my computer, maybe just maybe I will do them this year instead of 2007.

Sarah Bowen`s project ( I am not committing to doing everything, but the inspiration is high!) And I am thinking of that first challenge right now (List 5 things you want to to for yourself this week!).

Ans since I am doing the photo a day thing Annie´s blog is going in my favorites.

But for right now I am going to start my new bulletinboard and also start a happiness wall at my bedside. Here are the before photos :)

And Shannon Tidwell had a family portrait challenge on the KI blog that I am going to use this photo for!

We took this photo in the bathroom mirror just before we headed out for the New Years celebration yesterday!

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a great mirror photo and what a happy family you all are. Your love for your daughter just oozes out of your photographs and that is what scrapping is all about. Good for you and may you have a blessed New Year.

  2. That is such a great photo, really cute family pic. Also love that you are cleaning out your space. I did that yesterday, then I messed it up later that evening ;-)