måndag 3 december 2007

monday happy monday :)

I am back after a weekend of runny nose and a bit of a fever. We had some rotten weather too. Just raining and raining :( This is not how I want decembr to be like. I want snow and cold beautiful days! I guess that weather is not doing wonders for my mojo either. I haven´t scrapped in weeks! Yikes! A friend of mine called me yesterday and she decided we needed to get together this weekend to scrap together. I am hoping that my mojo has arrived until then!

I did manage to get a little advent minibook together though. Just a simple thing to where I can add a few photos from each of the 4 advent sundays.

While I was having no fever this weekend I did wrap (or atleast started to wrap) our Christmas gifts. I am going with kraft paper for them and I am using red and black ribbon. I may stamp a big stamp on them to to decorate a little. I have orange pieces to dry and when they are all dried up I am attaching them to each of the tags too.

The first photo shows the gift wrap I am giving my gift to a co-worker in. I think it looks lovely :)

While I was out walking the dogs out back this morning I glanced over at the house and saw this.

It is my kitchen window and although it is one of my biggest fears that someone would stand outside my window looking in, I had to get the camera and capture this.

And i am happy to say that the Sew Mama Sew crew has me featured on their blog today! I am so happy that they recognized me :)

Have a wonderful day and look out for my many many layouts coming soon :) I must cheer myself on a bit :)

Edited: I just saw my visitors counter and we are almost at 2000 guys! If you find that you acctually are number 2000 leave a comment and there maybe a goodie bag coming your way!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm mojo-less these days too! I had to make a couple of layouts last week but it is so hard when you don't feel inspired...so today I'm going to try to just scraplift or something easy so I don't have to think so hard.

    *sending mojo vibes your way*

  2. love that advent calendar! congrats on being featured on the Sewmamasew blog....on my way to check it out!

  3. Love the kitchen window pic! How beautiful.
    Love the thought of kraft wrapped presents. I have to see pics of that.

    An advent calendar is a great idea. I will have to lift it.

  4. Nicole Russell Willis8 december 2007 05:59

    wow! love your advent and that window looks so warm and inviting!! sending weekend scrapping mojo your way!! :) congrats on the sewmamasew blog, I am going to check it out!! I am sending a box of Christmas goodies your way! Watch for it!! :)