torsdag 20 december 2007

friday alread

I cannot belive that almost a week has passed yet again! So, to make up for my absence I am going to make this post a long one! :)
What have I´ve been up to? Well, acctually I have been scrapping! It makes me happy to be in the loop again :) You can see a few here in my SIS gallery but here are a few too.
My daughter gave me this cute santa helper and I love it!

I was chosen to be on the "catwalk" over at SIStv which makes me very happy since it was like the first layout I had scrapped in a month!

We celebrated an early Christmas yesterday, since my daughter isn´t going to be spending acctual Christmas with us this year. Here are a few photos from then.

I was having a bit of insomnia the other night and I totally came up with what my New years resolution will be for 2008. I am going to journal everyday during my last year of being not 30 :)Not that I am really freaking out or anything about turning 29 in february, but more that I love the feeling of a journal. I made this mosaic from my flickr journaling favorites (there were many!)

1. Shadows, 2. button tree done, 3. button_trees, 4. Button Flowers, 5. wide-leg lounge pants, 6. i love flickr, 7. Everyday Bokeh, 8. two new e's for my collection, 9. Tomato, 10. film.144, 11. emerging, 12. buttony goodness, 13. birthday breakfast, 14. for grey days, 15. from the kids, 16. at this moment, 17. I love you, 18. Jellies, 19. Close-up on the Little Hearts, 20. The Coolest Couch Ever

So, today I went into the bookstore, while in the city, and bought myself my Moleskine journal! I am so happy :)

And today was a happy happy mailday! Nicole mailed me this cutest Holiday package with yummy things in it! It made me smile all day! Among other yummy things she send me this awesome book! I love to be able to put out seasonal books for Christmas. Thank you so much, Nicole!

The theme song for me this week has been Bob Dylans "I belive in you" I love that song! It is repeat on my stereo :) Otherwise I have been listening to Christmas music 24/7.

I was at a thrift shop yesterday and found some small things. Among other things I found an old music sheet book with carols and this cute pin cushion :)

I have to run to work now! Last day before the holidays! Yippie!

8 kommentarer:

  1. so love the pics! so you are a writer too? me too! Love to write! I have written many journals (22 by now) and love letter writing.
    Love your lo's too!
    Merry christmas!!

  2. Awesome photos--really puts me into the Christmas mood this morning.

  3. Woot congrats on the page!!! They are both great. The dog looks sooo cute! Your daughter is adorable. Love the journal idea and love the thrift store find.

  4. Your daughter is adorable, and you seriously have the cutest dog EVER.

    I have the same New Year's resolution. I used to write in journals religiously when I was growing up, but I pretty much stopped when I graduated high school. I really want to get back into it again.

  5. Great pics :) And I'm madly in love with your ICapture layout!! hehe

  6. much goodness in this post!! love the layouts and that picture of your angel dog is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!

  7. congrats on the catwalk! I LOVED your inspiring. Definilty do the journal a day thing. Even if it's just one word. You're to love that moleskin journal. It's my absolute fav.

    Merry Christmas!