lördag 22 december 2007

happy saturday

Are you all getting in the real mood for Christmas? I thought I was and then my daughter went to her father for Christmas as she does everyother year and the festive mood went down a nodge :( I really wish she was here and we could be together for Christmas. Ok, I will try anyway!

I uploaded a few new photos to my flickr gallery and created a new set for my #2 New years resolution: 365 in 2008! People, I will try my very best to take at least One photo everyday in the new year. I have not yet decided to make it a self portrait one yet, but I am leaning towards that. What do you think? I also created a mosaic from my Christmassy photos in the gallery. I like it!

I also love Ali´s!
I love daily planners and I always tend to have like at least 5 in one year! I know, I take medication for it! :) Last year I saw these awesome planners found here Go check them out! No not just the home page, click around a little. Aren´t they amazing!
This year I have bought this one!

I am excited to start using it!

A few days ago I bought 2 digital kits from 2peas and hear this: I STILL cant download them! What the h***!!! And they are not responding to any of my messages, email och tickets! I am so irritated about that! Kelly made me bye one of the kits and I so want to start to use them!

Danielle´s blog is so yummy! Have you been yet? I had lost her adress for so long, but I just found it through another blog the other day. Ah...the colors and yumminess :)

I made a try to get on the DT of Daily inspirations but I din´t make the cut. Here are the ones that did. Congratulations!

I have made the goodies for the holiday and I love how this looks!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. Hej!
    Jag gillar idén med att fota sig själv varje dag, men jag skulle tyvärr glömma typ jämt...:-)
    Jag älskar skrivböcker och kalendrar och allt sådan också. Jag önskar det fanns ett ställe som kunde göra en bok till mig som är skräddarsydd...med dag för dag, att göra och dagbok, fotofickor mm allt i ett liksom...
    Hittade en fin bok på åhlens igår, det var papp-pärmar, och en blandning av linjerat, vita och stor plastficka. Den hette Travel journal, jättefin.
    Oj, vad jag babblar på...
    Hoppas att ni får en underbar jul!