söndag 16 december 2007

happy sunday

I so got a stomach thing friday :( blah! anyway I am feeling better today so that is fine! I mean I work with kids so I ought to get something sometime, right?!

I did some crafting while I was not worshipping the WC God :) First, I scrapped :) It feels good to like force myself to do this, because I really want to. I have taken more photos this month too, so that helps too. Dont faint but I acctually used some glitter on a page! I know! :) I have taken a quite bad photo of the layout because lets face it I LOVE my scanner and I am not ready to introduce it to any kinds of glitter :)

Well, acctually now that I see that photo I see that the glitter isn´t really showing all that good. I put glitter around the photo because my daughter had glitter in her hair for the Lucia celebration.

And well I just had to use that silly Christmas photo for something so I scraplifted myself for this one. That is acctually a really good way to get that mojo flowing. Go through your albums and lift something you loved making! So, first here is the "original" from the exact day last year December 12th.

And here is the lifted version.

My daughter had her gymnastics show the other week and it was so much fun to see her in the costume much like the one I had when I was traning a hundred years ago :) She did really good, but the thing I thought was the cutest was that she kept wiggeling her toes in the rythm of the music :)

We have made some Christmas candy this weekend. And my daughter did some gingerbread baking the other day. Yum yum!

9 days until Christmas people!!! Where does the time go?!!

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  1. Oh no! You Scrapbook! The pile of my pictures building up is growing taller and taller and the guilt of not scrapbooking anything since last January!!! ARGHHHHH! January is a slow month right! Maybe I can catch up in January?!?! Oh the panic is setting in...will I ever scrapbook again! you might have to become my inspiration!!!!!