torsdag 27 december 2007

ah...the time after Christmas is always a little bit slow, but oh so nice! We had a bit of a strange Christmas (24th) because we were alone me and my husband. The guests came on the 25th. So the 24th went to TV-watching, PC games and fixing everything we could for the next day. I set the table and decorated the livingroom. I love how it looked at night with all the candles lit.

I spend the night on the couch with a movie, the cat and a blanket. Very nice.

On the 25th all we did (atleast that is how it seemed!) was to prepare the food and eat it! We aet and aet! I cannot belive how much a man can eat! Then we opened presents. As i collect angels I knew that my MIL would give me something for my collection, but I didn´t even dream about getting a Willow Tree angel! I love it! They are so beautiful! I got this it is the angel of harvest. But my MIL intended to get this the angel of friendship because of the puppy she is holding. But that is so ok, because I love the one I got! Browse through the products here! I got a few other things to, but that angel was my favorite!
I loved watching the others open gifts from me and the rise-bag warmers were a huge hit!

Rhonna Farrer was so helpful with my downloading problems with her digital kits I bought from 2peas. She send them to me directly! What a sweetheart! I am loving all the kits I got. I bought another one today. I don´t do digital scrapbooking, but there are many features you can use to print out or just to enhance your photos. It is fun!
I played with the vintage tools alittle:

And Harry looked mighty handsome on Christmas!


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  1. Lisa, your pictures look wonderful. I'm gonna have to look into Rhonna's kits now. I like what you did with all your pictures. And your Christmas table looks fantastic.

  2. Just found your blog from the SIS site and thought it was funny as I was reading it. We both got the same christmas gift. I got the willow tree autumn angel too. I love my willow tree collection and I know you will too!