onsdag 9 januari 2013

WCS | The fun layouts

This week Sarah is hosting the WCS blog and her theme is the funny layouts. The funny stories, photos etc. After her 2 first days I went digging in the archives for the past 2 years and found these layouts below.

The story: I was down with the flu and since we couldn´t interact my family entertained me through the door :)

To gte both of these easily distracted dogs to look into the camera all at once is a challenge, I tell you!

Do I need to explain the fun in this layout?!

We were taking family photos on the lawn and had so much fun!

My niece liked my remote that I got for my camera atleast as much as I did, because she took like 200 photos of herself meing silly :)

Our pets are so weird. My husband called me to come to the window one day and showed his Sit niecely trick with both the cat and dog :)

Also, what I found when I went searching for these are that in the last year my layouts (or actually the stories) jave become so much more serious. Not always in a bad way, but deeper kind of. It is always good to make a layout about a fun moment also!


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