lördag 12 januari 2013

From pin to reality | clothespin wreath

This is a craft I did just before Christmas, but haven´t posted before now. 
Pinned Image

I really wanted to make one of these wreaths out of embellished clothespins. Instead of making a cardboard base, I used one of my many wooden sewing hoops. 

I wanted to make it neutral in colors so that I could have it up all year round. I used black and white patterned papers I had in my stash, but wouldn´t this be a great stash buster!
And what a super simple craft to do with your kids also! For younger kids you can just pre cut all the paper strips and they can adhere them to the clothes pins. You can also make it in all different sizes depending o how large your base is. 

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee! I am already making a few more of these as gifts! 

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