onsdag 2 januari 2013

Project Life | the last of 2012

I´ll share the last pages in my 2012 PL album! I am superhappy about making it all through the year! 

Week 51
I added a photo from a post I did on easy ornaments, got a shot of my piggy tails ;) our holiday cards were send and we always marvel at the fact that our tree always turns out so beautiful.

My daughter came home with her first grades, my secret santa spoiled me rotten with tons of letter stickers!, the remains of sorrow, snippets of our sunday. We were lazy on the couch and then decided to go out and spread some holiday cheer; we decorated a tree in the forest ;)

Week 52
We celebrated Christmas at my sisters house and it was so nice and quite. I added a few of the cute gift tags and journaling on a seperate card.

At the end of the week we returned back to my sisters to meet up with the other sister, her kids and my mom. I wanted to include more photos from that, so I added in an extra pocket that I folded so it´s kind of a minibook in there.

We went for a little post-christmas shopping on thursday and needless to say my daughter was super happy! She was also extatic over the One Direction box she got :)
Actually this spread is mostly about her being happy, because the next story is about her changing rooms with me to the master bedroom :) One of the few perks of divorce ;)
And lastly a quote I found on Elise´s blog a while back that means so much to me right now. 

And that wraps up an entire year of memorykeeping, people! 

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