söndag 20 januari 2013

Project Life | Technology that I use for PL

Ok, I love technology! I love that it makes it easy to get information and to make/stay in touch with friends. I also love that it has made my PL:ing easier. During last year (my first year with PL) I used things from Facebook several times. I have taken words from a comment for example that I wanted to save.

Instagram is a very big help and I use it everyday. At the end of the week I go through my feed and save the ones I want to print out and use in my album.

Another new app I downloaded this week is the Instaweatherpro iPhone app. You take a photo (or choose from your saved ones) and it adds weather, time and location info. Very cool!

Several times I have taken a screen shot of my latest pins on Pinterest. Just a way to see what inspired me that week.

Here are a few other posts I have written about my PL:

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